Loma Linda Neighborhood Association


     The Loma Linda Neighborhood Association was formed in 1990 by a group of residents concerned about crime and encroaching commercial development. The association's main goal is to make our neighborhood a safe place to live for young and old alike.

     The association currently produces a monthly newsletter that is distributed to over 1,500 homes and businesses in our area. Neighborhood-wide potluck meetings are held quarterly. Guest speakers are coordinated monthly to update our neighborhood of new and existing programs offered by the city and other organizations.

     Our neighborhood Association works very closely with the Loma Linda Elementary School. The school provides us with a location for meetings and for special neighborhood events, while we provide small scholarships to students, provide help and planning on shared activities, and gives some additional communication through our newsletter. We recognize that these children are a big part of our future success as a neighborhood.

     Other continuing activities include neighborhood-wide garage sales, weekend alley clean-ups, annual neighborhood appreciation day fundraisers to help pay for the alley lights and newsletter and much more. We try to have at least 4 clean-ups per year. This helps to demonstrate to people who live along those alleys that the neighborhood cares about appearances and does notice if areas are not maintained. 

     We are a very active association of medium to low income residents who desire to maintain our neighborhood as a viable and safe place to live.